Our Response to COVID-19

Right now, all of us are worried and anxious about not only our 401K investments, but our real estate investments as well.  We worry about, not only the values declining, but the experience we will have during the process.  Can people stay well and safe while working through a profoundly important process of buying and selling a property?  So while a global pandemic ups the ante for all of us, it raises a unique set of risks, stressors, and chanllenges, that as Realtors, we are well equipped to handle, with the tools necessary to provide the comfort and safety of our clients and see you through these difficult times of managing the health and safety of all parties, and managing the buying process.   We will continue to research, listen and learn what we need to do to protect our clients most valued asset during this time of uncertainty.   We share your fears and know our first duty is always serve and advise; our second is to transact.   Steph and I will always keep our priorities straight to make your experience working with us a valuable and smooth experience.  We are with you every step of the way, you are not alone.  Call us and let us show you the tools we have to assist you in the process.    There is plenty of inventory and plenty of buyers right now.  Your property will sell and we will be happy to be there for you in this process.   Call today!  We are here for you as you find your way to the home you love.   


#1 By Sue Ann Wilkinson at 4/13/2020 -1:11 PM

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