Fun Fact Friday Videos

Fun Fact Friday Buying and Selling Tips

Early Market Forecast 2020
What do the experts think will happen to home prices in 2020?
Gratitude to You, Our Clients
We'd like to say thank fact today is: Did you know it pays to be a homeowner?
Open House Do's and Dont's
Should you hurry through to see more homes in the same day? Should you bring parents and friends with you?
Other Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid
What other mistakes do homebuyers commonly make?
What Are 3 Prevailing Myths Concerning Home Value?
Does having a pet hurt your home's value? Will it help if your home is near a major stadium?
Odors in the Home
What odors do home shoppers hate when they enter a home? What odors do they like?
Keeping the Essentials
Surround yourself with what really matters.
Lighting & How it Affects the Mood
Let's talk about lighting is this fun fact friday video!
Refresh Your Home
Making small changes to your home will refresh it and update it.